Dr. Erika Hendrix


Affectionately Known as D​r. E

Xperience Live 1 year Anniversary 2019

Mentoring 1:1

I must be transparent in developing our mentoring program; I felt that I didn't have anything that I could offer as it relates to leadership. But as I had a conversation with the Lord and my mentor, he reminded me that I have been leading all of my life, it just needed to be formed. So, I started watching and reading what it meant to be a leader in the 21st century. Every good leader knows how to follow. I mastered following, by watching my Grandparents serve in their communities, visiting the sick and shut-in, and hosting missionary circles in their homes. There where three things that I learned from them:

*The Power of Prayer*

*How to serve with dignity*

*How to study the word of the Lord*

Emerging Leaders Coaching & Mentoring is designed to empower you to lead in the community, in your family, and in the marketplace. As a small business owner, the future of business has vanished, we must re-present our Faith, our Future and rethink our destiny.

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